Art Basel hits Miami from Dec. 2-5

Art Basel has been called “the Olympics of the art world.” Instead of athletic competitions, Art Basel is an internationally renowned fair that brings some of the world's most fascinating artists together in one city. Originally started in Switzerland in 1970, the fair hit the U.S. in 2002 and has been a success ever since. Some contend due to the popularity and size of Art Basel Miami Beach that it has surpassed its predecessor.

On Dec. 2, Miami will celebrate its eighth year with the show. Not only do art enthusiasts have the opportunity to peruse the best galleries in the city, but the event also offers a multitude of avenues to appreciate artwork. Patrons can enjoy special exhibitions, parties, concerts and film showings at different locations all over Miami.

Many of the larger events, which tend to occur in South Beach, are free to the public and within a stone's throw of the beach—the perfect way to enjoy a weekend in the tropical locale.

Art Basel attracts 2,000 of the top artists in the world from 250 international art galleries and dealers. In the three-day period, guests have the chance to see some of the most internationally recognized works within one ZIP code.

The festival has become a yearly location for art collectors, artists, dealers and curators to congregate and enjoy the art world.

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Photo caption:
Galeria OMR, México | MSSNDCLRCQ Meessen De Clercq, Bruxelles | Jorge Méndez Blake | There is no Easy Way from the Earth to the Stars, 2010

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Art by Jorge Méndez Blake (PurpleNeon/LadyLux)

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