Blogger Spotlight: Molly Ford of Smart, Pretty & Awkward

Molly Ford writes the fun and unique blog Smart, Pretty and Awkward, where each blog posts consist of three parts: how to be smarter, how to be prettier, and how to be (less) awkward. Each post presents either a piece of life advice or self-improvement tip accompanied by an inspirational quote. Molly shares the concept behind her blog, what inspires her and how she interacts with her readers!

LadyLUX: Your blog is a very interesting and unique concept. Could you explain the idea behind it and where it came from?
Molly: Thank you! Smart, Pretty and Awkward started in December 2008, while I was still in college. I got the idea to start the blog and put up my first post within a few days of each other. I really didn't have a plan as to what the long-term goals would be. I chose to write about advice because I didn't feel comfortable writing about more personal things on the Internet.

LL: Who is your target audience?
Molly: Statistically, I just did a readership survey so I know that the vast majority of my readers are female and between 18 and 32. But I never write advice that I don't either follow myself or wish I had followed when I faced a situation. So, in a lot of ways, I'm my own target audience...if that makes any sense.

LL: With such a unique blog, are there any other blogs you look up to?
M: Yes, of course! There are so many great voices in the blogosphere: Kelle Hampton, Oh She Glows, Daily Garnish, Already Pretty, Life After College, Yes and Yes, Ramshackle Glam...and that's just to name a few. And of course, LadyLux!


LL: Each post is accompanied by an inspiring or interesting quote. How do you choose each one and where do you find them?
M: This is probably my number one most-asked question, and I wish I had a more interesting answer! I usually just decide on a topic or author I want the quote to be about or written by, and Google around until I find one that moves me. Sometimes finding a quote that I like is the hardest part of the post!

LL: Do you have another job besides blogging? Is it a struggle to manage both or do they compliment each other?
M: I don't blog full-time; I work in online marketing in NYC and am in school for my Master's at night. Since online marketing and blogging are both in the Internet space, the two roles definitely complement each other. I think my job helps me be more analytical when looking at my blog's statistics, and my blog helps me to think more creatively.

LL: You seem very interactive with your readers. How important is social media to your blog and your blog’s visibility? How do you relate and interact with your readers?
M: I honestly believe I have the best readers on the Internet. So friendly, so supportive, so intelligent: I have never met a reader in real life that I didn't see myself being friends with. Social media is incredibly important to the blog; It is how I interact and connect with current readers, and how many new readers get introduced to my blog. I try my absolute best to be available to my readers as much as I can: I respond to every email I get and try to respond to every Tweet or blog comment I get that asks a question

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Photos Courtesy of Smart, Pretty and Awkward

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