Blogger Spotlight: Ria Michelle

LadyLUX is proud to present the fabulous Ria Michelle as our blogger of the week!

Learn more about her background in fashion and how she started her selftitled style blog:

LadyLUX: At what age did you first really begin to start defining your style? Are there any memorable stories that stand out during this time?

Ria Michelle:I think I was kind of a late bloomer style wise, in high school I liked edgier stuff (lots of black, lots of spikes) and my mom HATED it. Lots of throwing out of a lot of the stuff I used to wear haha. I still remember the day my mom called me to tell me she was getting a manicure with black nail polish. She always gave me a lot of guff about my choice of nail color. It's weird that all the stuff I was singled out for is kind of normal now. After high school I really started defining myself and my style. A brief dalliance with gyaru fashion set me on the path I'm on now. I think you can still see elements of everything in my current wear.

LL: How did you get into styling? What do you like about it?

RM: I used to model, then decided I wasn't very good at it and quit. Another model friend of mine kinda came to the same conclusion herself and decided to become a makeup artist. She called me up to style her shoot because of my entirely too large wardrobe and I just went from there. I was really excited about what came out of that. Starting with a blank canvas (the model) and really being able to change the perception of this person with clothing is really exciting for me. I still get really giddy when dressing models and seeing the final photos.

strong>LL: What is your favorite part about creating content for

RM: If I have content for my blog it means I'm doing something exciting so that's my favorite part. I rarely get dressed just for the blog. I usually take photos at events and fashion shows so that's fun. It's more genuine to me that way, especially with outfit posts. I understand that sometimes it's hard to shoot things during more hectic events and if you're running late etc so I can't completely snub my nose at scheduled outfit posts.

LL: What is your favorite part about being a fashion blogger?

RM: The fact that being on the internet is my job haha. I've been an internet addict since I was a kid. I've had my domain since I was about 13. I loved blogging, I got bored with blogging, I quit blogging, I came back to blogging when I realized it fit my current interest (fashion). I used to just have a personal blog and that's okay but I lost interest after doing it for so many years. There was no purpose for me. With fashion blogging, I connect more with other people because we have the same interests and I get to connect with the brands I love and use in my daily life. The idea that let's say Urban Decay knows of my existence is wild to me, I ADORE UD and recommend it to everyone who is interested in makeup.

LL: Are you a full time blogger? How did you get into blogging and why?

RM: I am lucky enough to be a full time blogger. I've been self-employed most of my working life, I've worked exactly one actual job. It was at an Aldo shoe store and I had a lot of fun doing it (not to mention the discount) but it's just not for me. I like doing my own thing. I got into blogging from I still have my original journal with loads of teenage angst haha. I eventually learned html (and became a webdesigner for a spell) and got my own domain ( at 17. I got 5 years ago to start a modeling portfolio. Now both links lead to my fashion blog which I'd say has officially been running for 2 years.

LL: What’s the best thing a blogger can give to his readers?

RM: Genuine content of course. Your integrity is the best thing you've got. Giveaways are a great way to thank your readers, nobody dislikes free stuff and it's a great way to thank everyone for their support.

To keep up with Ria Michelle, and her online adventures, follow at @riamichelle and "like" on facebook.

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