Bloom Energy offers a New GREEN Solution

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Clean-tech gains massive exposure on CBS's 60 Minutes this past Sunday, giving hope to the accessible forms of energy being available to homes in the near future. Now that is what we call LUX-tastic.

Bloom Energy has been behind the scenes creating new green energy that also collaborates with alternative approaches. The aim is to one day completely replace the need for ‘electrical grids' and to offer ONLY clean energy options in our homes, office buildings, and all living spaces. These new devices are made to create and store energy in a ‘box' that allows for direct access to their energy and de-centralized the need for power plants.

They started by implementing their systems into some major companies to see the impact this would have on their energy consumption. One of the most impactful was eBay headquarters in San Jose, who has implemented these ‘bloom boxes' and has seen significant results already.

The idea is that with one of these ‘bloom boxes,' you can ‘serve up to a 30,000 sq ft office building or 100 Average U.S. Homes.' That is significant, considering that it would allow us to create our own energy within this box without having the need to have power plants that have such high carbon emission rates.

These early green ‘wins' definitely help us see more progressive approaches and allow the normal person to have affordable access to clean energy. The way of the future just took a huge step with this new startup. We wish them luck and hope to see what is to come.

What do you think LUXies? Does knowing there's an affordable option for clean energy impact whether you would switch? Would you buy a home that had green energy over one that does not??


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