BobCar: A new marketing strategy

BobCar Experiential Media offers a new twist on creating more brand awareness. The idea, at heart, is simple: A cluster of three-wheeled vehicles, named BobCars, which are driven around town and parked in strategic positions to promote a business.

These Mobile Demonstration Showroom and Sales Boutiques not only work visually; they can conduct product demos and allow for actual sales. The name of the game is to interact with shoppers and provide information, such as handing out samples and materials, and answering questions.

“The concept is a mobile guerrilla marketing initiative,” Benjamin Cohen, founder of BobCar Experiential Media, told WWD. “It’s a way to help the retailers, manufacturers and consumers at the same time.”

Cohen, an experienced retailer, created the company with the goal of revolutionizing the way consumers and retailers interact.

Currently serving the technology sector and soon to be expanded to the beauty industry, these custom-made cars can travel up to 50 miles at one stretch and journey to malls, shopping centers, events, fairs and more. They even come with built-in employees: Cohen supplies not just the cars themselves, but also three to seven “brand ambassadors.”

The concept seems to have met with success. Cars parked outside Best Buy and T-Mobile stores during 2009 and 2010 increased sales by 78 percent to 200 percent per day.

“The BobCar brings much-needed novelty and buzz to our industry,” Theo Spilka, vice president of new business development and licensing worldwide at Firmenich, said to WWD. “It’s like the next generation Beetle creating a high curiosity factor. It has what we call ‘shelf presence.’”

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BobCar Experiential Media

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