Causecast makes employee giving and volunteering a snap

Companies want to engage their employees and encourage them to be good citizens. Causecast wants that too. A top provider of cause integration technology solutions, Causecast has unveiled new tool, the Employee Impact Platform, designed to facilitate employee volunteering, giving, matching, rewarding and disaster relief, enabling companies to approach corporate social responsibility on a greater and easier level. Through Causecast’s interactive volunteer and fundraising systems, firms achieve “cause integration,” aligning their employees with their social mission.

“After I sold my first company, NetCreations, back in 2001, I found myself with the resources and time to give back,” Ryan Scott, CEO and founder of Causecast, said. “I wanted to find the highest and best use of my time to help further the causes I cared about. As a software developer and business person, I knew there was more I could do than simply donate money, so I set out to create a cause technology platform that leveraged the most powerful system we've ever created - capitalism. By providing the tools and infrastructure for businesses to engage their customers and employees in supporting causes, we help companies become more effective corporate citizens and reap the maximum impact from their social good efforts.”

Causecast manages employee volunteering and giving programs through its multiple sophisticated tools. The platform offers the technology, information and services needed to connect nonprofits and businesses. The goal is to inspire workers to participate in cause-related volunteer efforts that foster deeper relationships with their employers, aiding organization’s recruitment and retention. The service enables even smaller-sized companies to operate substantial corporate social responsibility campaigns.

“Our mission is to help every organization become the most effective corporate citizen that it can possibly be,” Scott explained. “ We want the most powerful entities in the world, the corporations, to not only lessen any negative impact they have on the planet, but to leave the world significantly better off than before they existed. Long term, this is the only way the human race is going to survive.”

According to a 2004 study from the Corporate Leadership Council, greatly engaged organizations can lower employee turnover by 87 percent and increase productivity by 20 percent. However, a 2011 Gallup poll revealed that 71 percent of the American workforce feels they are not engaged at work. Highly educated and middle-aged employees, the survey found, are less likely to be engaged. The survey showed that companies with actively engaged e employees experience greater productivity.

The 2003 study “Good Companies, Better Employees” discovered that employee volunteer programs can raise job satisfaction levels (64 percent fairly or very satisfied), positive word of mouth (54 percent speaking well of the company to others) and retention rates. Simply put, employee volunteering can impact a corporation’s profit.

“Dollars for Doers” showcases volunteer opportunities and community events while “Connect & Share” declares and shares fundraising and donation initiatives on social media sites, connecting coworkers, nonprofits and causes and keeping workers abreast of social responsibility progress. “Create & Reward” promotes specific events and creates competitions and social status prizes to reward employees who get involved. “Volunteering Tracking” monitors the level of engagement, tracking employee fundraising, volunteer participation and hours, and measuring impact. This reporting service – which has a patent pending – automates the reporting of hours. “Cause Integration Profiles” allows companies to access the results of CSR and cause marketing efforts.

“What’s most revolutionary about our platform is that it transforms the relationship between a company and its workforce around social good, and it does this through a complete hub for all things cause,” Scott said. “Whether it’s volunteering, donating, matching, social media, mobile reporting, analytics and easily customizable campaigns such as for disaster relief, we’ve streamlined and optimized systems to get a company’s workforce mobilized around changing the world.”

The platform also enables nonprofits to receive donations at no cost rather than other avenues that charge up to 15 percent. All nonprofits can participate and reap the benefits without spending a dime, meaning that 100 percent of each donation is directed straight at the cause.

“My goal is to one day to see every company competing with each other to do the most good in the world. I can't think of anything better than that,” Scott declared.

The platform is currently available on a sliding fee scale, determined by organization size.

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