Christine Mighion talks about her ‘Eternity Collection’

Christine Mighion announced this week the launch of her latest jewelry collection, Eternity. Although many of her handmade, eco-friendly, sculpted pieces are timeless, the new “eternal” collection is bridal inspired, thus made to last a lifetime.

Shoppers, however, don’t have to have wedding bells on the mind to enjoy the new line. It’s for everyone, said Mighion.

“I wanted to do a small, wedding-inspired collection, yet have it be versatile enough that most pieces would be perfect even if you weren't in the market to get married,” she said. “I wanted a lot of sparkle and impact with easy-to-wear pieces and pieces that you could expand on … like the diamond rings.”

She also brings a socially conscious attitude to the pieces: Mighion uses only certified conflict-free diamonds and recycled 14k gold in all her designs.

Although typical wedding bands use white diamonds, Mighion employs an interesting hue throughout her collection: chocolate.

“This time I decided to work with both white and chocolate diamonds to create simple rings in varying numbers that could be worn individually or built upon as a set,” she said.

In organic shapes with delicate settings, the bands can easily be worn every day, dressed up in a gown or dressed down in a pair of jeans. However, the jewelry designer is excited to finally introduce a collection that was geared toward bridal looks.

“I had not introduced a true wedding band to my line and found that I really preferred the look of the chunky, unisex bands,” she said.
The name of the collection, Eternity, was inspired just as much by the symbolism of the jewelry as by the rocks themselves.

“Diamonds have many meanings,” the designer said. “They are an enduring stone, often passed down from generation to generation and reworked into pieces, breathing a new life.”

She also has a personal connection to her work.

“(The collection) symbolizes love and commitment. On a personal level, I know the depth of ‘true love’ and this state of being transcends time,” she said.

What’s her favorite piece from the new line?

“I love the diamond rings when worn in a set, but I have to say that my favorite piece is the white diamond and chain earrings,” she revealed.

For more information about the Eternity Collection, visit her website at

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