Coldplay New LIVE Album (FREE)

What says ‘thank you’ better then free music?

Coldplay extends a huge-LUX gift of gratitude to all of their faithful fans by releasing their album ‘LeftRightLeftRightLeft’ as a free download from their website!! This offer extends to anyone who visits the site at This newest album is a collection of nine live songs recorded from the Viva La Vida tour that started in the UK and is now coming State side.

“Playing live is what we love,” Coldplay said in a statement. “This album is a thank you to our fans—the people who give us a reason to do it and make it happen.” –

The North American Viva La Vida tour launched last week in West Palm Beach, Florida. Although, don’t fret as there is plenty of time to catch the tour live and in person this summer. In addition, all of you lucky concert goers will receive an actual CD of the downloadable album. Definitely a LUX-ified perk!!

LUXies, can’t wait to attend then download your FREE album now.

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