Creative Expression Turns into Recycled Art

Imagine a creative outlet that helps the environment and produces works of art. Well that’s exactly what British artist Jane Perkins has done with her new portraits.

“I think I would describe myself as a ‘remaker'—meaning that I take things and make them into something else. I started with making broaches in my degree course using broken jewelry and plastic toys. Since then, I've developed into making portraits using found materials in this collage-y way.”—said Perkins to

Inspired by the work of Ecuadorian hairstylists, who are known to use broken jewelry in their designs, Perkins found a way to use this ‘recycling technique’ to design special portraits.

Each made with a variety of reused pieces such as buttons, toys, plastic forks and other randomly discarded items she has created ECO-artwork. These pieces have depth beyond measure and capture the look with extraordinary detail! Take a look for yourself, LUXies! What do you think of the images above? Can you tell who these famous faces are?

Perkins has an uncanny way of turning trash into art! Can you imagine if we all were able to see the possibility past the label of things? Where would our life be if we look beyond what we have labeled not valuable, unimportant and saw everything through a completely new lens?

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