De Grisogono launches Tondo by Night watch collection

This August, Swiss jeweler de Grisogono unveiled the Tondo by Night watch collection that exudes playfulness and luxury with its unique glowing quality. The women’s timepiece is available in six different colors, including pink, green, white, purple, orange and yellow, with 48 matching precious stones framing the face and superluminova dauphine hands. An additional 60 stones are set within the dial. The strap is crafted from galuchat stingray hide, a texture that complements the grain of the stones.

To create the glowing effect, Tondo by Night’s case and buckle are made with an exclusive composite known as “pearly photo-luminescent fibreglass” and is strewn with mother-of-pearl particles. The ultra-secret composite allows the watch to radiate from the inside with condensed light.

The de Grisogono watch sparkles during the day but truly comes to life at night as the fire stored up from forty-five minutes of exposure to artificial or natural light floods the Tondo by Night. Once illuminated, each watch color transforms into a different shade and highlights the precious stones as well as the lines that are re-sculpted by this luminescence. The effect is one-of-a-kind and further enhanced by stones carpeting the self-winding mechanism that is visible through the dial, beneath the hands pointing to the time.

Tondo by Night watches are available at retailers and boutiques worldwide.

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