Diane von Furstenberg salutes opening of Fordham’s fashion law center

Just a couple weeks ago, LadyLUX posted that the first-ever fashion law center, the Fashion Law Institute, would open its doors at Fordham University in New York. CFDA and its president, Diane von Furstenberg, are financial supporters of the institution and on Wednesday, von Furstenberg spoke at the opening of the university's new center.

Susan Scafidi, an experienced lawyer in the field of fashion and a professor at the university, will act as director. The curriculum is said to include classes on intellectual property, business and finance, as well as on trade, regulation, civil rights and consumer culture.

Von Furstenberg believes that lawyers trained in the world of fashion are a necessity in the industry.

“As a designer who has been around for a long, long time, I can tell you, a lawyer who understands fashion is a very important thing,” von Furstenberg said, as reported by WWD.

Such a necessity, in fact, that von Furstenberg matched CFDA's contribution of $50,000, rooting the new institution with $100,000 – and that's only the beginning.

“The CFDA’s invaluable support and advice will help ensure that the Fashion Law Institute is able to provide a resource and research platform to law students, fashion houses and especially emerging designers,” Scafidi said, “who may not be able to afford the legal counsel that is so important to developing a business.”
The day of the opening also marked a historic day for fashion designers: It was the date of the introduction of the Innovation Design and Piracy Prevention Act to Congress, an act which would protect designers against copyright infringement and counterfeiting.

At a time in which stores such as Forever 21 are known for ripping clothes right off the runway, then making them with cheap materials for a fraction of the price, it seems like the perfect time to combine the two disciplines and take a closer look at the rights artists retain to their work.

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