Discover Harrods through new iPhone app

Luxury goods department store Harrods has just unveiled a new iPhone application that lets shoppers find their way around the store with ease, reported Marketing Magazine.

Using the new location finder, you may navigate your way around the 7-story London-based department store, locating the department or item you are searching for. Other features include info on the history of the store, a 3D visualization of the layout, the store’s product inventory, menu of all the Harrods' restaurants and an events calendar.

“We are continuously aiming to offer our customers the optimum level of service through use of new technology. With its useful tools and services, the Harrods app is set to become a vital part of the shopping experience at the store,” Mark Briggs, store image director of Harrods, said in a statement as cited by Marketing Magazine.

A distinctive component is a news section, allowing users to access the latest news from Harrods’ brands and to take advantage of special schemes and discounts. Or you could use the app to create a shopping list ahead of your visit.

The store spans 4.5 acres and pulls in more than 15 million customers each year.

The application is available for free to download from the App Store.

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Purple Neon/LadyLUX via Marketing Magazine

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