Dr. Alessi shares tips on preparing for plastic surgery

The decision to undergo plastic surgery may not be an easy one. And the procedure might not be either. But nationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi knows how to make the process a little simpler. He shared some of his tips for those choosing to go under the knife with LadyLUX. Learn what you can do to shorten your recovery time, increase your comfort after the procedure and improve your results.

“Patients have been inundated with plastic surgery misconceptions,” Dr. Alessi declared. “With a plethora of shows like ‘Extreme Makeovers,’ ‘Doctor 90210,’ and others, patients think that plastic surgery is like getting their hair done. Surgery involves cutting normal tissues and all tissues respond differently. Going to the right surgeon and having the best pre-operative care is essential to maximizing the chances for a great result.”

As a double-board certified plastic surgeon and founder of The Facial Institute in Beverly Hills, Dr. Alessi reports you can make a bigger difference with proper preparation than you might imagine. More than 13 million American chose to receive plastic surgery last year. If you have surgery in your future, Dr. Alessi stresses the importance of following your doctor’s advice, and adds some of his own.

• Buy homeopathic medicines such as Bromelain and Arnica Gel to help reduce bruising and swelling after the procedure.

• Be in the best health you can be. This means exercising regularly and following a low-fat, nutritious diet. The healthier you are, the lesser likelihood of complications you will have.

• Don’t take aspirin products for two weeks before surgery. Aspirin can contain ingredients that inhibit blood clotting, which can cause problems both during and after the procedure.

• Don’t smoke for at least two weeks before surgery, as smoking substantially lowers circulation and the body’s ability to provide oxygen to the tissues, which is important for healing.

• Be sure to choose a board-certified specialist in the body area to be treated.

In the end, one of the most important steps is to work with your plastic surgeon.

“Understand realistically what your result should be,” Dr. Alessi said. “Since tissues respond in many different ways to surgery, share any concerns with your surgeon before and after surgery.”

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