Earth Day 2010: Going Green in art, fashion, and beyond

It’s always on the LadyLUX radar to stay in tune with green trends and news. Although we have a fascination with luxury brands, we think it’s important to do “good for the sake of good” and use your innovation for a great cause. Earth Day is right around on the corner, on April 22, and in celebration of our planet many people – from celebs to designers— are giving a voice to green.

Greenshows, NYC’s green fashion week, will showcase a pop-up boutique called EcoLux, which will feature eco-friendly designers for Earth Day’s 40th anniversary. Besides lots of designers, such as Samantha Pleet, House of Organic and Bahar Shahpar, they will also have IMAGINE Skincare Organics and free fair trade chocolate. The event will take place from April 19 to April 24 at Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall.

Speaking of green inspiration, Treehugger posted a great article about Algis Kemsezys, a photographer that was inspired by a fire that ravaged his home and turned the broken art into environmentally altered gems. After noticing what the fire did to his photos, he used his own household chemicals to alter them. He was also able to give a very important message, revealing that common images of power grids and streets, are also hazardous places on our earth.

Ted Danson, the famous star of “Cheers” was similarly inspired to do good green acts. The founder of the American Oceans Campaign, he’s fought against polluted waters for 30 years. He’s recently been in the press as a fervent supporter of Oceana, a nonprofit that merged with AOC in 2002. All his hard work has not gone unappreciated, Danson is currently nominated by The Daily Green for the 2010 Heart of Green Award for being on the “frontlines of protecting our blue world.”

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via Treehugger

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