Eating Cookies With a Conscience

LUXies, what could be better then eating sweets with a cause! Well, that’s exactly what the ‘Khaya Cookie Company’ offers!!

Khaya means ‘home’ in Xhosa and these delectable sweets help serve more then just your sweet tooth!! This company helps to support a South-African women’s co-op and was founded by a previous Wall Street investment banker, Alicia Polak. The promise of this company is to bake wholesome natural treats that can help to create a sustainable community one cookie at a time!!

All the ingredients are locally grown in South Africa and only the best of the best of ingredients are used! Some of the irresistible flavors include: Orange Rooibos Shortbread, Grapeseed Shortbread Cookies and Orange & Chocolate Krunchi (orange zest, Beligium chocolate & honey-sweetened grains).

At Khaya, we put our heart and soul into our artisanal cookies and into our commitment to helping change lives in the townships of Mbkweni in the Drankenstein region of South Africa.—via

Khaya combines the joy of making a difference by hiring previously unemployed workers to be trained with skills that they once did not have the chance to obtain. These workers are offered cross-training to learn personal budgeting, debt management and different business skills to help them further their own knowledge. This is not just any cookie brand, these sweets are changing lives!!!

Not to mention LUX Nation, if you purchase a box of Khaya Cookies today, you can enter to win a trip to South Africa!! Plus many other goodies that include: Amazon kindle, more Khaya Cookies and other FAB prizes. Check out Khaya Cookies for yourself and tell us what you think!!

So we can officially say that these are ‘cookies with a conscious’ and by supporting the Khaya Cookie Company, you are truly making a difference. Bringing sustainability, self-sufficiency, and abundance to areas once so desolate! Be a part of the difference or what LadyLUX likes to call ‘Good for the Sake of Good!’


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