EBay Willing to Cut Fees to Entice More Sellers

With the ever-expanding market, consumers are becoming much more market savvy than ever before. This includes consumers who become vendors on popular sites such as EBay and Craigslist. With this growing body of knowledge and fierce competition, large corporations are shifting their strategy to entice more consumers.

Well, in the case of EBay they hope by cutting back their ‘listing fees’ for the sellers on the marketplace, this will help create more business! So you’ll no longer be subject to the before and after fees!

Expect these price changes to begin in March, and for the first 100 items listed in a 30-day span you’ll have FREE listing prices. The cut will be larger on the backend though, with 9% of the sales price or a $50 charge, depending on which ever is less. Now, if you’re looking to sell only one item you’ll pay more than how the system is set up now, but for those long-term sellers and vendors with less than 100 items per month this can actually work out in your favor!

They‘ve also made some changes for existing storefront vendors by reducing the set price from $.35 a transaction to $.03 or $.20 depending on the amount of items listed. This reduction is aimed to entice more bulk item listings and offer the same item in different colors without having to have multiple items listed under one seller.

By the way, EBay has also increased their direct customer service to help resolve any disputes! What a LUX-tastic move to up the online shopping experience and secure your transactions.

So EBay fans, what do you think of this new strategy change? Does it entice you to kick start your spring cleaning and sell some items via your FAV online shopping channel?

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