ECO-LUX:  Choose Green Fashion this New Year

With green being the new black, we thought we’d highlight some of our FAV eco-fashion online destinations and brands to help you get inspired to buy green this coming year!

One of the easiest and most satisfying eco-trends is ‘swap parties’ where you bring your nicest trade attire and trade with some of your friends. This just might be the best and most LUX way to stay green and practice the ‘reuse’ and ‘reduce’ eco-conscious ways.

Though, if you’re looking to buy new and need some chic attire here are a few of our must-haves in green fashion.

The dress we’ve highlighted above ranks high on our LUX-meter for comfortable and classy. The dress is made from 100% organic wool and was designed by MIKA. Available through Trunkshow for $348, this dress is one of many LUX organic goods available via this online destination.

Another elegant design with organic materials is an ivory dress designed by Ekovaruhuset and is available for purchase through their New York location. Check out their website for more details.

If your budget is ultra-conservative you might want to explore GreenLoop, where sustainable fashions are also economically friendly! One of our FAVs is the 100% organic cotton twill ‘Edie Dress’ designed by Mountains of the Moon. It’s made with low-impact dyes and manufactured in sweat-shop free environments. This fabulous piece retails for around $78.

So LUX-fashionistas, what are some of your eco-fashion resolutions for 2010? Are you motivated to use your buying power to promote sustainable fashion?

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