ECO-LUX:  New Green Wedding Package by Ritz-Carlton

Calling all future ECO-brides-to-be!

The Ritz Carlton, San Francisco has just unveiled a new ‘Green’ wedding package that allows you to serve all organic meals, utilize recycled and sustainable furniture designs and use only the most natural flowers with no pesticides or other chemicals. Creating the most LUX wedding experience that’s also earth friendly! This is most definitely ranking high on our ECO-LUX meter, what about yours?

One of the top features of this package is that you can have unbelievable customization creating the most intimate or large affair that you’ve always dreamed of. It definitely reflects the 5-star service and reputation of the Ritz-Carlton that we’ve all come to love.

You’re able to choose from a 100-person guest list or more, which allows you to personally shop and create the meal with the sous chef. This offers you the chance to create the most organic and freshest meals that the season has to offer. In addition, this package ensures that only local products and cuisine will be served. Which helps to reduce the carbon-footprint and ensures a high level of freshness!

As you can see, this new ‘Green package’ is wonderful for all those seeking a dream wedding and accommodations in Northern California.

For more information, you can call the San Francisco Green Wedding team at 415.296.7465, or visit their website.

So LUXies, what do you think of this new package offered? Which ECO-perk stands out to you?

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