Eco-LUX:  Organica Deluxe Ginger Cookies Infused with Ginger & Molasses

LUXies, it looks like we have an eco-friendly cookie to tantalize our taste buds with! Organic Deluxe now offers a ‘Ginger Cookie’ to die for.
The ginger cookies are infused with organic ginger and molasses—and topped with a generous sprinkling of glittering sugar—the oversize confections are lusciously moist and tantalizing piquant. –Taste Tester,
What makes these cookies so eco-LUX? Well, not only are these treats totally delightful, but all their products are made with ‘organic’ ingredients they purchase from companies that align with green sustainable practices! Not to mention, the beautiful ‘blue’ packaging is made from ‘75% post consumer recycled paper’ compared to the traditional 10% of most recycled goods. It’s clearly evident that Organica Deluxe stands behind their value system in all aspects of their business, especially in the selection of quality products. What could be better than a ‘green’ alternative to desserts? So whether you looking for a unique gift idea or just want to try an organic savory, we encourage you to check out Organica Deluxe for some fresh LUX options! wink

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