Eco-Resource:  Sustainable House Products by Working Wonders

LUXies, we’ve found an amazing site that has creatively and effectively put together a green reference guide for all of your home eco-shopping needs!

Working Wonders has researched and documented household items that are available to you on an easy and identifiable green scale. This includes a range of eight categorical evaluations for each product. Each product is labeled with various symbols to inform you of how it meets the greenology standards, which will help you utilize your purchasing power to make a positive difference.

The eight icons represent the following: Reduces Waste, Conserves Natural Resources, Saves Energy and/or Water, Better Shipping Practices, Manufacturing Location, Better Community Relations, Better Production Practices, and Improves Air Quality. Each of the different categories has a clear description to explain the meaning being represented by the symbol.

There are also ‘Green Action’ statements attached to each product that details the manufacturer’s philosophies, strategies and practices to help you make informed decisions, while conveniently shopping online! Powerful combo, if we may say so ourselves.

Not to mention LUX Nation, their site is also extremely user-friendly offering you a way to shop by category, by room and also by brand allowing you to easily find what you need!

Expect to find almost anything for the home here, including furniture, flooring, pillows, vases, etc. It covers a variety of options that might lead to some creative gift giving for the up and coming holiday season.

Be sure to check the site out for yourself at

So eco-LUXies, what do you think of this new green resource? Does seeing more about the products manufacturing processes and ‘green’ features influence your decision to buy a product?

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