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Anyone in the know about fashion understands that the past is often the way of the future — and recently, the 1920s have been making a comeback. With hit shows and movies such as Boardwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby pushing the 20s to the forefront of designers’ minds, the fashion of the decade is moving past history books, through the silver screen and into our closets. So, when the time came for the force behind Ella Moss, Pamella Proetzel-Scott, creative director and co-founder, to create the 2012 holiday collection, the Roaring Twenties were fresh on her mind.

“I get a lot of holiday inspiration from the past and I was really inspired by the 20s,” explained Proetzel-Scott. “I love all the details: the burned out velvet, the fringe, the sparkle and the way people lived their life at that time,” she added.

According to Proetzel-Scott, Ella Moss is a brand for the modern bohemian woman who travels, listens to feel-good music and drives with the windows down, so the laid-back yet glamorous nature of the twenties made for the perfect muse. From flappers to jazz, the decade has been long hailed a time of exquisite entertainment, fashion and celebration — the perfect inspiration for the fun, flirty look of this holiday collection.

While the collection hints at the 20s, the brand’s modernity is still evident. Fringe, velvet and shine take the stage with the Ella Moss Holiday collection and the color scheme is big in black and gold. Yet, pops of vivid colors such as turquoise and purple, bring forth a fusion of historical and modern fashion with a throwback to one of the twentieth century’s most celebrated decades.

“There’s lots of shine, which is huge for holiday ... lots of boxy, easy T-shirt silhouettes but done in fancier fabrics; a lot of cowl necks; and a lot of shift dresses,” said the designer.

Great for dressing up and holiday parties of every kind, the Ella Moss 2012 Holiday collection recalls both the refinement and the glamour of the Jazz Age and brings forth a flirty charm for the flapper of the twenty-first century. From loose flowing dresses to sequined jackets, the collection gives just the right amount of nostalgic sophistication with just the right amount contemporary allure to create a look that even Daisy Buchanan would be proud to wear.

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