Emotional Intelligence:  Do Women Have an Upper Hand?

LUXies, some might be asking what is Emotional Intelligence (EI) and others might just be saying of course we do!!

In essence, Emotional Intelligence is a range of skills that increase self-mastery and interpersonal abilities. –via Dan Goleman, author/researcher

Well, I found this information quite fascinating since most trend experts have predicted that women leaders will be in high demand within the next 5-7 years!! Studies have also shown that EI is a key skill in successful leadership. So I bet you’re asking, what does this mean for me??

The ability to be empathic is one factor in the equation and this is where women definitely have the advantage. In all three main categories of empathy: cognitive, emotional and empathic concern, most of the time women will come out ahead!! Translated into leadership qualities this allows us to understand someone’s perspective and utilize that knowledge to make more effective decisions for the greater good. Often this skill also translates into better communication skills as well as the ability to give feedback.

Although LUXies, don’t get too excited since it seems men out shine women in ‘self-confidence.’ Can you believe this?? I know I was a little shocked as well, but if you think about it, I think self-esteem and confidence go hand and hand!! And we know that sometimes women we can be our own worst critic!!

Don’t worry though, because it seems that EI principles of self-management, self-awareness, interpersonal awareness and relationship management factors can all be learned!! And self-confidence can also be improved with a variety of well-known techniques.

So to all the women reading this, love yourself, know yourself and trust yourself!! The future of leadership is depending on you!! Now that is what I call a LUX-o-lution in the making!!


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