Etiquette for Modern Dating

Calling all single LUXies! We know that first impressions are important in job interviewing, so why would it be any different when we are screening for a dating match? So here are a few courting tips for those of you actively on the dating merry-go-round—from LUX with LOVE. wink

One of the worst habits to contend with is also the most wonderful inventions of modern times, the cell phone. Although these nifty gadgets offer the promise of staying connected, it can be one of the things that cause many beginning couples to never flourish. How is it possible to have a conversation with someone who is constantly checking email, texting or taking calls while on a date with you? Honor the face-to-face time you have with your potential mate and turn that phone on silent!

The cancellation policy for any date must be within a 24-hour window, unless it involves a coma and an emergency room! That’s right, flaking on a date is not acceptable and for those cancelled on, the rationale for doing so better be ‘defendable’ in a court of love law. This action demonstrates the level of importance to either party; if the respect is not there in the beginning, will it ever develop?

Dating is a means to evaluate compatibility with a potential mate, therefore excessive drinking can never be a good thing! Being drunk limits our ability to remember, much less use sound judgment. So beware of any partner that has to have four margaritas before ‘opening’ up or suggests a ‘bar crawl’ for the first date. This might not only be a warning sign to bigger and better problems, but it also doesn’t allow for an honest dialogue that will never be remembered by either intoxicated party.

Technology, such as email and texting are great for setting up the next date, but limit the level of seriousness via these methods. Although, wonderful mediums to stay connected, definitely challenging to convey any level of emotion. Since 90% of communication is based on non-verbal cues, this is a miscommunication in the making! wink We suggest keeping delicate conversations for the face-to-face outings and use technology powered chats for fun-easy up-to-date flirting!

Social media venues are great for those that know you, but it can create an unforeseen challenge for those ‘first-impressions.’ It is important to know how your facebook or myspace profile might be misconstrued by a stranger. Make sure to have someone, less biased then your mother, check out your profile and ‘green’ light it. We all know how many things unexplained can lend to the worst interpretations!!!

To find out more on dating tips to ‘embrace your inner goddess and find the fulfillment you deserve’, check out Tao of Dating for Women by Dr. Alex Benzer.

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