Fair Trade Vacations:  Explore the Wonders of Coffee, Chocolate or Olives

Calling all eco-LUXies looking for a reason to travel!! What could be better then enjoying the amazing taste of fair trade pleasures like coffee and chocolate!! Or perhaps, you would prefer meals made with organic olive oil! Well, here are some amazing opportunities to pack your bags and get away for an eco-vacation!!

Journey to Ethiopia to visit the birthplace of our FAV caffeine beverage, coffee! Can you imagine a world without coffee?? This trip offers you the opportunity to explore ‘three distinct coffee growing regions while learning about fair trade development projects and culture of the Oromo people.’ This learning adventure is offered by the Higher Grounds Trading Company, which is an eco-conscious fair trade company based out of Michigan. This trip can be customized to your meet your own vacation needs and size of group, or be a part of a coordinated effort, visit Harvest Toursto learn more.

For those of you who would prefer sweet versus caffeine then you might enjoy this ‘Sustainable Chocolate Tour’ offered by Sustainable Harvest International. SHI is a nonprofit aimed at empowering families in Central America specializing in the farming industries. This trip not only offers you the opportunity to learn and be a part of promoting fair trade practices, but it also promises to be an ‘unforgettable journey into the ecology, history and culture of chocolate.’ Interested? You have the chance to be a part of this upcoming trip in September, be sure to check out Sustainable Harvest Tours for more information!!

Firsts and olives more to your liking? How would you like to be a part of the first ‘Fair Trade Olive Harvest Reality Tour’ through Palestine and Israel presented by Global Exchange?? Your tour guide will be Kirsten Moller, Global Exchange’s executive director and co-founder. This trip promises the exploration of ‘connections between peace, economic and environmental justice in Palestine and Israel.’ On top of the amazing hands on LUX history lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a harvest festival, engage in fair trade olive farming practices and enjoy a beautifully prepared meal in the actual olive orchard!! This trip costs about $1,800 and includes accommodations, all in-country transportation, 2 meals a day and a 1-year membership to Global Exchange!! Be one of the very first to participate in the Olive Harvest Tour! To learn more, visit Global Exchange.

As you can see LUX Nation, there are plenty of reasons to get away and support fair trade practices all while indulging your senses through coffee, chocolate or olives!! Be sure to explore eco-friendly options for any of your travel needs as a way to give back and support our planet!! Happy Trails! wink


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