LUX Eats: 7 Festive Easter Desserts

It wouldn’t be Easter without a little chocolate and candy fix.  Creme filled eggs, jelly beans and marshmallows take the spotlight in these seven festive recipes.  Try one of these creative desserts for your Sunday gathering this year.

Easter Dessert Ideas

Macaroon Nests

LUX Eats: 7 Festive Easter Desserts

Bursting with flavor and oh, so adorable, these macaroon nests mix the perfect blend of coconut and lemon.  Fill these little nests with pastel jelly beans as the eggs.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Eggs

LUX Eats: 7 Festive Easter Desserts

Make your own version of Reese’s Easter eggs with this recipe for peanut butter and chocolate eggs.  This no bake recipe is a no brainer to bring to your Easter Sunday brunch.

Easter Egg Cake Pops

LUX Eats: 7 Festive Easter Desserts

Almost too cute to eat, these Easter egg cake pops are the perfect bite sized treats.  Spend the afternoon decorating these little guys with sprinkles and colorful sanding sugar. 

Cadbury Brownie Bites

LUX Eats: 7 Festive Easter Desserts

Super simple and topped with fluffy buttercream frosting, the secret to these brownie bites lies in the hidden Cadbury creme egg nestled in the center.  We bet you can’t eat just one.

Carrot Cake Cookies

LUX Eats: 7 Festive Easter Desserts

Carrot cake gets a festive makeover with this delicious cookie recipe.  Use your favorite cake mix or whip it up from scratch and top with a sweet, cream cheese frosting. 

Easter Egg Cookie Cups

LUX Eats: 7 Festive Easter Desserts

Take your favorite chocolate chip cookies and turn them into an Easter dessert with this recipe for egg cookie cups.  Use a muffin tin to create a cookie nest and fill with Cadbury mini eggs.

Marshmallow Peep Cupcakes

For the marshmallow fans in your life, this Peep cupcake recipe is sure to be a hit.  Besides being topped with Easter’s favorite candy, the whipped cream frosting is actually made from melted Peeps!

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