First-Class Seating Gets a LUX Makeover through British Airways

What if you could have your own cabin while you fly?

This is now made possible in the new B777 edition of the British Airways fleet. It’s made to fly from London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare and creates the ultimate flying experience!

“We have contemporised First and created an intimate private jet experience onboard. We have resisted gadgets and gimmicks and focused instead on simplicity and quality.”—said BA’s head of customer experience Mark Hassell

This individual suite comes equipped with its own personal wardrobe, leather-bound writing desk that converts into a table, as well as a 15’’ entertainment screen and an extra seat to sit. So just in case you might get the urge to ‘dine’ with one of your neighbors you have the chance!

It seems to us that this new flying experience surpasses the traditional terms all together. It’s as if flying is more like dining at a five-star restaurant! To check out more about this first class service that even comes with 400-thread Egyptian cotton Duvet and pillow when you’re ready to sleep, visit

British Airways surprised quite a few people with this new edition and upgrade, especially with the condition of the industry at this time. Though, British Airways feels like it’s catering to a market that has been set aside due to financial means. This luxury is for those that once were able to have their own plane and are looking for ways to travel across the pond with less of the expense, but no loss in comfort.

What do you think LUXies, is this new opportunity to have the ‘private jet experience’ as good as having your own plane?

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