Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Launches New Online Magazine

LUX-travelers, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resort has recently launched an online guide to better assist you with your traveling needs!! Think part blog, part booking agent with a lifestyle twist.

This new online travel-zine is an extension of the ‘exclusive in-room magazine’ offered to all Four Seasons overnight guests. It’s definitely something that is meant to LUX-ify your travel experiences by offering you a way to digitally plan your dream vacation or your weekend getaway.

Developed in partnership with Pace Communications, it’s designed to reflect the same 5-star experience you would expect from this LUX-ury hotel brand. The site has even incorporated a ‘concierge recommendation’ section that allows you to check in and gain some expert advice on most of your global destinations!!

Ways you can stay updated include: signing up for their free subscription to an E-newsletter, visiting the online site free or purchasing a print version of this online magazine for a flat rate and it will be delivered right to your front door. Rates vary dependent on location, United States ($50 USD), Canada ($65 USD), International ($100 USD).

So LUX Nation, does this sound like a LUX travel guide you would subscribe to? What do you think of this new online travel-zine?

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