Give Back to Haiti: Crafts for a Cause

On March 15, Crafts for a Cause will auction off different celebrity contributions, with proceeds going to victims of the natural disaster. Whether you want autographed art from the “Parks and Recreation” set or a t-shirt decorated by Feist, it’s a great opportunity to support the earthquake-stricken country and get a piece of pop culture at the same time.

Binki Shapiro, of the band Little Joy, started the nonprofit to raise funds for the relief efforts in Haiti. So far, he has long list of actors, designers, and musicians contributing to the cause such as Drew Barrymore (pictured), Maroon 5, Daft Punk, Natalie Portman and Rodarte.

“The Office” star, Rainn Wilson, tweeted today in support of Shapiro's mission, “Binki Shapiro has collected sweet artistes w/rad art, Ts, totes, etc. to raise $ for relief in Haiti.”

Check out the website for cool clips of celebs having fun as they decorate shirts, cameras, and create original artwork – all in the name of helping humanity.

Bidding starts here at 8am:

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