Golden Globes Goes Digital for the 67th Annual Awards

In today’s tech-savvy world, we continue to shape the way we interact with each other through our entertainment outlets.

This growing trend is quite evident in its ability to expand the sphere of influence even at this year’s 67th Golden Globe Awards. That’s right, LUXies! One of the most infamous award ceremonies will be going ‘digital’ this year.

Set to air live in all time zones at 8 pm this Sunday, it’ll be airing in more than 160 different countries at once. They even kicked off a ‘preview’ red-carpet extravaganza earlier this week with streaming live video via, Facebook/celebs and other partner sites. The focus of utilizing digital platforms is to ‘maximize the red-carpet’ time and reach a much younger audience. Not to mention, it’ll build the anticipation for the overall affair.

“Technology, especially the Internet, is an amazing way to make the fans more engaged,” said Orly Adelson, president of Dick Clark Productions and executive producer of the Golden Globes. “As new technologies emerge, we will definitely incorporate them into our marketing initiatives.”

This new ‘Golden Globes Live All Access Pass’ will continue to incorporate all new tech-infused features throughout the 3-hour event. You can expect backstage interviews, live commentary from the red carpet and other footage that’ll be shared in real-time using several different media platforms.

For all of you iPhone-lovers, you can even download a free app to keep you up to date on all the Golden Globe action so you can be sure not to miss a beat.

They’ve even added a host this year, which is the first time in 15-years. The lucky host will be British actor-comedian Ricky Gervais. With him at the helm, the event will leave us in stitches for sure! Gervais plus the fashion makes this a must-see.

We can expect this digital trend to become much more of the norm moving forward. It seems there are even plans for the Oscars to utilize the Twitter platform and to make a presence via YouTube.

Be sure to tune in at 8 pm Eastern Time/5 pm Pacific sharp!

So LUXies, what do you think of this new digital presence incorporated into the Golden Globes? Would you say this is LUX-tastic?

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