GQ, Nautica and Oceana celebrate World’s Oceans Day in Hollywood

Tonight at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood, stars will hit the red carpet to celebrate a holiday that has more relevance than ever – World Oceans Day. Started in 1992 and made an official government holiday by the UN last year, GQ, Oceana and Nautica ask people to ponder their commitment to ocean conservation by hosting the star-studded event.

Many of the silver screen’s hottest stars will appear on the Sunset Strip tonight. January Jones, a strong supporter of Oceana, will be co-hosting the event with GQ VP and Publisher Peter Hunsinger. Besides the “Mad Men” star, Lenny Kravitz, David Arquette and Jesse Williams of “Grey’s Anatomy” are expected to attend.

The party will celebrate Oceana’s “Ocean Heroes” contest, which congratulates ordinary people for making an extraordinary difference for our oceans. The adult honoree, Jay Holcomb, will be applauded for his selfless work in the gulf, leading a bird rescue team to save oiled birds that were harmed in the Deepwater disaster. Oceana is working hard so disasters, like the BP spill, cannot happen again and they are currently lobbying in Washington for a moratorium on offshore drilling.

To nominate someone as an ocean heroe, please visit and hear more about Oceana’s work to stop future oil spills, head to Elizabeth Wahler of LadyLux will be at The Sunset Tower tonight, covering the event and getting the scoop on what celebs are doing to conserve and save our sea. Check LadyLux tomorrow for all the details!

updated, June 24th.

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