Green Just Got Easier with New iPhone Apps

Some fun ‘eco-green’ iPhone apps are now available to help all LUX Apple fans live greener. wink

Looking for the nearest gas station with the best rates, try out iGas or GasBag. If you want to track your fuel efficiency based on driving habits and find out more about the carbon footprint you are creating use greenMeter.

Use the train to get around? NextTrain allows you to search different routes throughout the United States and iTrans helps to calculate the fastest route depending on delays.

On the go and need a Wi-Fi connection? Use JiWire to piggy-back off the any wireless connection in your area.

Want to find an easy and inexpensive way to give back? Try, where you can plant a real tree for only a dollar.

In the mood to shop, try the GoodGuide app that helps you compare the details of any product you are considering. This will evaluate from a ‘green’ aspect as well as a cost factor. 3rdWhale app helps you to find ‘green’ retailers in your area, in order to target your shopping to specific planet friendly store fronts!!

Want a nifty way to save, without cutting coupons? Try Couponserpa were you can download the coupon onto your phone and the checker can scan it immediately for savings! An eco-friendly approach to saving, while you save a tree!!

For more eco-LUX apps, try the Yappler Directory. This is an online resource that allows you to search for other apps that can help you launch your ‘green lifestyle’ into full gear all with the tip of your finger!!


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