Green Tech:  Eco-ifying Your Appliances

With the growing trend of green technology the advancements continue to offer more efficiency and less negative impact on our environment. What a LUX way to use tech to help build a better tomorrow, right?

Well, be prepared with this newly designed dishwasher by Siemens. As you can see from the design, it definitely embodies a futuristic appeal and even better it actually utilizes natural minerals in the drying process that improves the performance greatly.

One of the biggest energy drains in the dishwashing cycle is the heating and drying process. Siemens has found a way to utilize natural minerals that help to dehumidify the air and save power. The natural components used in these new green machines are referred to as ‘zeolite’ minerals. With this simple incorporation it has helped to cut energy consumption by 20% compared to other current models. What a positive impact and application of green-technology.

“Thanks to Zeolith drying, Siemens dishwashers take a mere 125 minutes to complete the regular cycle. This makes them, by some distance, the fastest in the world. Even better, the energy consumption is just 0.97 kWh and, despite the seriously quick wash time, the results remain as good as you would expect from a Siemens (energy label AAA).”—

Unfortnately, this nifty design is only set to be released in the UK and as of now there are no plans for U.S. distribution. Though, we can only imagine that with design features incorporating natural ‘mineral’ components it just might spark something here on American soil very soon!

In the meantime, you can check out this cool new Green Directory by Planet Green to help provide you with some ECO-LUX tips to washing your dishes efficiently!

So eco-LUXies, how do you like this new green application of technology and nature coming together? Would you support more eco-appliances over older models, simply for the fact of helping the environment?

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