Green Tips for Your Summer Beach Trips!

LUX sun worshipers, this summer let’s find a way to ‘eco-ify’ your beach trips!!

The first step before attending this sandy foray is to find out if your beach is clean by evaluating the EPA’s beach data. This online resource will provide you with a complete beach profile and water quality report for any beach in the United States. Gotta make sure you LUXies only attend beaches that have a ‘clean’ seal of approval if you plan on dipping in the water!!

Now for all of you sun goddesses, it’s crucial to pay attention to the chemicals in your sunscreen. Although sunscreen is a must, there are some ways you can protect yourself at the same time by helping the environment!! Be sure to stand clear of anything with parabens or any ingredients that end with ‘paraben.’ These are used to maintain the freshness of the product and are harsh chemical preservatives that are simply not good for you!! The best approach is to read the ingredients and pick natural mineral elements such as zinc dioxide or titanium. Some amazing ‘green-ifed’ sunscreens and sun blocks include: Badger SPF 30 Sunblock, Lavera Sun Block SPF 40 Neutral, UV Natural Sunscreen SPF 30+ and Solar RX SPF 30+ Sunblock. All of these offer you the LUX approach to mutual eco-protection. wink

As for swimwear, there are several eco-chic options now available! Just last month we discussed some new green bikini collections offered by Emobi, Ashley Paige, Duex fm, Junglegurl, Jenny Hwa of Loyale, and Niksters. So eco-conscious LUXie, explore your ‘green’ options as you shop this summer!!

Now we know BB-Qing and camping out is a key to summer fun, but please try to avoid purchasing any one-use cooler made of Styrofoam. It’s more budget friendly in the short term, but it comes with a huge environmental price tag. Be sure to also clean up after your day in the sun is complete—this will help to save our oceans from any more trash pollution! Our oceans thank you in advance!!

LUX Beach lovers, we hope that you enjoy your summer and utilize one if not a few of these tips! Every individual decision has a lasting impact and together we can make eco-LUX decisions where we and our planet may benefit!!

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