Gucci Reveals New iPhone/iPod App

LUX brand Gucci has just revealed a new iPhone/iPod application that is meant to entertain and offer you some unique opportunities for all you music-enthusiasts!

This new technology-infused opportunity will offer consumers access to a 24-hour stream of music, hotel tips and restaurant recommendations straight from the black book of Gucci’s creative director. These insider tips even link to Google GPS to help you find your way with ease! This app calls you to tap into your inner music composer and mix your own tracks through a technology that was produced by music genius Mark Ronson himself, called the virtual turntable!

“Music is an essential part of my vision, and the app is the perfect instrument to be able to bring music into the virtual Gucci world,” said Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director to “Working with Mark Ronson has obviously given me the opportunity to include a cool factor and exclusive content.”

The launch is all done in coordination with the opening of their ‘travel-store’ that will move from New York City to Miami to London and then finally ending in Tokyo this coming spring. This new location in NYC is located on 43 Crosby Street and opened its doors last week!

Gucci is not the first fashion house to incorporate social media and apps into their offerings, though they’re making sure to differianiate their approach from the others.

So iPhone/iPod users, we’d love to hear from you! Is this app something that you would utilize? If yes, why? If no, then why not?


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