Health Challenge:  Be a Part of the Nike+ Experiment

LUX Nation, kick your health into high gear this summer by being a part of the Nike+ Experiment! This requires you to purchase a new pair of Nike’s that’s equipped with a tech-savvy sensor system that syncs directly with your iPod to track your essential exercise stats!! How LUX is that???

You will no longer have to monitor your own progress when you exercise by guessing distance and time. This Nike+ system calculates all of this for you. It includes an accelerometer measure that counts the amount of time your foot is on the ground as well as your speed!

Veronica Noone, part of the Nike Experiment, says: “There’s something about seeing what you’ve done, how your pace changes as you go up and down hills that made me more motivated.” via

Noone is only one of the 1.2 million people currently involved in this data-driven revolution who have leveraged the power of knowledge to improve overall wellness!! Those involved in the experiment have logged more then ‘130 million miles and burned more then 13 billion calories.’ Care to join LUX Nation?!?

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