Wellness Wednesday: 7 Healthy Baking Substitutes

Slashing calories and fat from your favorite baked goods is easier than ever with a few simple swaps. Make healthy baking choices by substituting oil, butter and sugar for natural ingredients such as avocado and apple sauce for guilt-free desserts you can enjoy any time. Here are seven swaps to get you started:

7 Healthy Baking Substitutes

Instead Of: Butter - Use: Avocado or Banana

Swap bad saturated fat for good monounsaturated fat by substituting butter with creamy pureed avocado. Its butter-like consistency is perfect for baking and provides healthy antioxidants to boot. Mashed bananas also serve as a great fat substitute and will add a little flavor to your recipe. Both options create a softer and chewier treat.

Instead Of: Sugar - Use: Apple Sauce

Cut down on added sugar and avoid extra calories by swapping sugar with homemade applesauce. Substitute sugar in a 1:1 ratio and you could save more than 500 calories per cup. Try this smart swap in your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe for a light and fluffy result.

Instead Of: Canola Oil - Use: Greek Yogurt

For any recipe that calls for oil, swap it with Greek yogurt for a protein-packed dessert with less fat and calories. Yogurt is a superstar baking substitute as it works similarly to oil without compromising texture of flavor. Replace half the oil needed in a recipe with ¾’s the amount of yogurt for best results.

Healthy Baking Substitutes

Instead Of: Flour - Use: Black Beans

Go gluten free and add a healthy dose of protein and fiber to your baking by swapping flour for black beans. Perfect for chocolate cake or brownies, rinse and puree one cup of black beans to use in place of one cup of flour and you’ll shave off around 200 calories from your dessert.

Instead Of: Eggs - Use: Chia Seeds or Applesauce

Combine one tablespoon of chia seeds with one cup of water and let sit for 15 minutes and you’ll create a gel-like consistency that works as a perfect egg substitute for binding ingredients. Chia seeds also add a healthy dose of omega-3s and fiber to your baking. Applesauce will also do the trick and works well in brownies and cookies.

Instead of: Chocolate Chips - Use: Cacao Nibs

For a healthier chocolate treat, opt for cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips. These less-processed morsels cut out additives found in chocolate chips and provide a healthy dose of antioxidants and natural mood lifters. Use these in muffins, cookies and sweet breads.

Instead Of: Milk - Use: Almond Milk

Ditch the dreaded dairy and start baking with almond milk for a low fat substitute for those with lactose intolerance. At only 40 calories per serving, it can be used in almost any recipe. Opt for a brand that offers a vanilla flavor to add a hint of vanilla to your baking.


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