H&M pledges to use only sustainable cotton

Swedish fashion label H&M is turning more eco-friendly. It has vowed to switch 100 percent of its cotton to sustainable sources by 2020, reported Drapers.

The exchange was made in response to customers’ growing concern over where their purchases come from, said Magnus Olsson, the brand’s U.K. managing director. To address these concerns, H&M released a collection sourced with sustainable cotton titled Conscious and featuring prices ranging from £7.99 (~$13) for a woman’s top to £19.99 (~$33) for men’s trousers.

Through pre-booking huge amounts of cotton at once, the company will be able to keep those prices to a minimum. Organic, says Olsson, does not have to equal high prices.

H&M is also “significantly” increasing its retail, with 10 new stores opened just this spring alone and an undisclosed number in the works.

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