Home Beautiful: Easter Seeding

We've been so slammed here at Lady LUX launching the project that Easter almost slipped right past without notice. Even though we have been busy, we know it is an important holiday that brings people together. In order to honor the day, we spent the morning hunting around for different ways seed your home with spring. Thanks to, we have some quick, cute, and inexpensive decorating tips. Check back in as we will feature other fresh ideas later this week to add a little zest to the day.

Who would've thought the egg, the quintessential Easter icon, has more uses than eating and hiding. By carefully removing the top and filling the egg with flowers from the garden, the shell instantly becomes a vase. Use the flower arrangement as a centerpiece, for individual table settings, or for place-cars holders.

Take the egg theme one step further to transform a regular candy dish. Cover a bowl with double-sided tape and wrap with Easter colored yarn to create a “nest” to house all those delicious treats sitting around.

Fast, easy and inexpensive. These are just a few tips to make your Easter a little more LUX.

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