Hope Diamond to be Reset by Renowned Jeweler, Harry Winston

The legendary and enchanting Hope Diamond is one of the most iconic pieces of LUX gems in the world. With twists of fate and its destiny lying ahead, this stone is in store for another great tale. It’s to be honored with its own documentary as well as receive a new setting from the famed Harry Winston. However, there’s one BIG important detail to this story, you, the jewelry lover will help decided which setting will showcase the wondrous Hope Diamond!

Jeweler, Harry Winston, donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution about 50 years ago, but only after it was purchases by Evalyn Walsh McLean’s estate. Evalyn was the first American owner of this precious gem and has an extraordinary tale of windfall that continues to follow the story of the Hope Diamond. The legendary jewel has been traced to a Hindu statue, where they suspect it was stolen and is said to carry a ‘curse’ to those that own it.

Millions of visitors flock from all over the world to see this extraordinary contribution at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History every year. As a way to celebrate this 50th anniversary of the donated treasure, they have decided to engage those that matter the most, YOU. Yes that’s right LUXies, there are three mountings that have been finalized by Sandrine de Laage, Winston’s vice president of design, and it’s your vote that is meant to select the next new look for this astonishing jewel!!

LUX Nation, be sure to cast your vote by visiting The Smithsonian and choose your style statement that you think best suits this historic gem!


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