Infusion Organique: Infusing science into luxury skin care

When co-creator of Infusion Organique Ron Chavers noticed that women were relying on the same skin care regimens without significant results, he knew that he could create a line of products that consumers would be able to count on. Using his skin care industry expertise, Chavers and other beauty industry veterans created Infusion Organique, a luxury home fragrance and skin care company that offers organic products featuring the latest scent and skin care technology.

"As company and as individuals, we felt that the industry was selling a false story to the public. Most products that claimed to be natural or organic fell short of their claims, and those that lived up to the claim of the product, fell short on efficacy. In many cases, we felt that the products didn’t perform to the claim. After an intense period of research and development, we found that our own efforts had many of the same issues as what was on the market. Our overwhelming feeling was that we did not want to fall into the same trap as everyone else on the market. What we learned though is how actually how Infusion Organique got its name and its reason for being," Chavers revealed.

The Infusion Organique team, made up of Chavers and co-creator Carole Vialars, is driven by a passion to blend natural and organic ingredients with the best that cosmetic science has to offer, creating a product range that can become a part of women’s daily skin care routine.

With a tagline from the French phrase "Nous croyons," meaning "This we believe," Infusion Organique believes that organic products are critical to our health and the health of our planet. Not only are organic farming methods more sustainable, but organic extracts and oils release more effusive scents that are more natural. New science has created safe, sustainable alternative ingredients that can create better lotions with longer-lasting scents – without depleting rare natural resources.

"We have a couple of mantras for IO. The first is 'The Science of Organic Scent.' Through our research, we did find that organic essential oils gave us a scent more true nature. A scent that we felt represented the perfect ideal of a flower, plant, tree, fruit ... found and experienced in its natural state. Our second mantra is that 100 percent organic and natural is not necessarily 100 percent effective," Chavers explained.

The line offer seven different products: scent diffusers, soy-blend candles, hand and body wash, hand and body lotion, petit parfums, parfums de maison, and rollerball parfums. Available in four original scents of Açai Rain, Buddha’s Fig, Indochine and Sands of Morocco, each fragrance contains a rich, exotic scent that tells a different story.

"My family is lucky to have traveled to many exotic locations – Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador among them – which have greatly influenced my knowledge of ingredients and in turn, the visual story for our scents," the co-founder said.

Featuring organic Açai, sparkling orange oil, raspberry, currant, white peach, fresh greens and organic vanilla extract, Açai Rain will make consumers feel as if they are in the Brazilian rainforest. Buddha's Fig is a heavenly scent infused with organic fig extract, organic lemongrass oil and blends of the essences of rose-geranium, wood and amber. Sands of Morocco creates a warm scent reminiscent of the Mediterranean sun, incorporating sandalwood, oak moss and a blend of organic lemongrass oil and ylang ylang. With a combination of kumquat, peach, water lily, jasmine, muguet, vanilla and organic grapefruit extract, Indochine maintains a perfect balance of citrus and floral.

"Any of our fragrances will capture you and lead you to our complete range," Chavers said.

In addition to employing organic technology and carefully developing the four scents, the product packaging of Infusion Organique was also an intensive process. The packaging, made from recycled stock, catches the eye with a subtle yet striking look.

"I am a bit of a design freak. From day one, I knew that IO had to stand on its own from a design and packaging standpoint. So as much as I talk about the quality and performance of our formulas and scents, I am just as passionate about the look of our collection," Chavers disclosed.

As for Infusion Organique's future plans, Chavers said, "We intend to grow organically. Our new Infusion Organique Spa Collection is an answer to the many requests we have had from our hotel and spa clients for more products. We have had incredible reaction to Infusion Organique in this category and now have products specifically intended to service their customers.”

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