iPhone app allows users to snap a ‘Pose’

Pose, a new iPhone app, is being compared to Foodspotting—the app where users post pictures of their dishes at restaurants—as the fashion equivalent. Pose allows users to take snapshots of themselves in outfits, whether at a department store or in their room, and post it to the Web and social media.

Similar to Foodspotting, the application encourages people to see how pieces might look off the rack and is aimed at shoppers.

“The purpose of this app is to bring value to your shopping experience,” Dustin Rosen, chief executive officer of Pose, told WWD. The founder, only 25 years old, previously worked at a talent agency and small seed fund.

All items in the images are tagged with the price, brand and any details.

Norma Kamali, casting agent Natalie Joos, celebrity stylist Melis Kuris and Man Repeller blogger Leandra Medine were asked to log in via iPhone and try it out before the masses.

“Apps connect experiences to a worldwide network,” Kamali told WWD. “They are in the moment, (they are) unedited and change the way we live our lives.”

Kamali and Medine are big tech junkies. Kamali once used an application to design a graphic while in the back of a taxi, and Medine loves the ease of Rosen's app, uploading a pic of a Charlotte Ronson shirt and giving feedback to other fashion followers on Twitter.

“Everything goes viral very quickly, so you can be at Barneys trying on a leopard-print turban and get advice from your Twitter followers,” Medine told WWD. “The main reason I’m interested is because I often tweet photos anyway, and the response is enormous.”

Rosen has not decided on a particular business model.

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