iPhone App Makes Room for Music

Hey LUX-gadget lovers! iPhones gets a boost with this ‘new’ streaming music application now available by Imeem. Although the iPhone has revolutionized smart phones, it definitely lacks in the amount of storage capability for music and the like, even with the scheduled upgrades on the way.

The most capacious iPod holds up to 120 GB of music on a hard drive. Meanwhile, the iPhone’s flash drive offers a maximum of 16GB, typically split between music, videos, games, apps and other data—a sacrifice made by Apple in order to maximize device longevity and battery life. –

No worries, music lovers, Imeem’s new app just might be what your ears called for!! More storage equals more music variety and options. What could be better to add to your LUX-life?

The company offers what is called an ‘in the cloud based storage,’ where you store your music on Imeem’s company servers to be streamed to your phone anywhere with a wireless connection. You can store up to 100 FREE songs with this app and if you need more, you have the option of storing up to 80GB for only $100 a year. That is what we call a LUX-ified option.

Other comparable options include Pandora,, and Slacker, but Imeem has them beat with this new cloud-based storage and freedom to access iTunes songs as well as search for new songs not offered on iTunes.

The iPod has the iPhone beat in terms of available storage for music up until now, but with this new app you’ll have instant extra storage for less than $10 a month! We encourage you to check it out and take advantage of your minimum 100 free songs to see if it is something that would be worth the cash-exchange!!

To learn more, check out full reviews on Wired or Cnet.

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