JET SET:  Venture on African Luxury Expedition Guided Tours

Lions, and tigers, and zebras—oh my!! Calling all adventurous LUX travelers! An exploration of cultural heritage coupled with a challenging escapade, what could be more LUX?

LadyLUX has found a service that offers you tailor-made safaris and travel tours with exceptional one-on-one catering called ‘Classic Africa Tours.’ Guided by seasoned professionals that know the lay of the land, Classic Africa Tours offers a totally LUX experience to help you create the ultimate Safari adventure of your dreams.

This African adventure can take many forms as you can see from the gallery display. Whether it’s finishing the day by sipping a fine wine while watching the elephants drinking at a watering hole or exploring an evening getting an up close and personal view of the wildlife from the view of a topless jeep!! It’s so versatile that South Africa seems to be a year round destination, making for a perfect place to travel when it works best for your schedule. wink

Since the terrain is so vast and varied it will be behoove you to ask a few questions before you can decide on your exact destination. The four questions to explore:
When do you want to go on the safari?
How do you want to go on safari (type of safari, level of luxury)?
Where do you want to go on safari?
How long do you want to be on safari?

Classic Africa Tours even offers a ‘Safari Decision Tree’ to help you decide on a customized tour: such as the wilderness tent tours or the LUX-ury Lodges tour. The tailor-made tour is planned through an interactive consultation process resulting in a custom itinerary. Or, if you’re not that particular, there are set packages to chose from as well. However, we really like the idea of LUX-ifying it wink

Set tours can cost anywhere from $1,185 to $7,325 a person, depending on the size o f the group and the length of the trip. Accommodations will vary depending on the time of year and resort location.
If you want to experience the most impressive waterfalls and challenge yourself with Grade 5 rapids, visit Victoria Falls. For the traditional safari adventure, you must decide what part of the South African reserves you would like to explore and most of the time this decision is based on your lodgings. There are too many options to explore, although one of our FAVs would have to be Mateya Safari Lodge! It combines LUX with wildlife, home to the ‘Big Five’ (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, and elephant) and ideal place that is fit for an African princess.

As you can see, Southern Africa offers an abundance of natural beauty and serene adventures unparallel to any trip you have taken before. There is so much to explore and we recommend you check it out for yourself at Classic Africa.


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