LUX Travel: France and Jiva Hill Park Hotel

Resorts beckon as places to soothe the soul, but often become anything but, as their popularity rises and far too many tourists flock in, fast making the newest “place to be” the last place you ever want to visit. What to do? Go to France, of course, to Jiva Hill Park Hotel, the newest luxury resort to grace this forever-elegant country. Located in Crozet, a mere 10 minutes over the border from Geneva (and its international airport), the four-star hotel is technically boutique yet subtly expansive. The 24 rooms, each with terrace, offer stunning views of the valley in which it sits, at the foot of the Jura Mountains, and the charming French towns which line its perimeter. Cliché as it sounds, a visit would not be complete without taking advantage of the Carita Treatment Center, wherein the luscious French skincare line is used to excess in their myriad facial and body spa treatments. Further French decadence can be had at Shamwari, Jiva Hill’s restaurant, with its artful cuisine and well-edited wines (and impeccable service).

If in search of true seclusion, private lodges, each with their own garden and Jacuzzi, are available also (as is a private heliport, if you are so inclined). All of the accommodations, however, are top drawer, with spare, soothing wood walls and furniture in dark gray tones, wide screen televisions, super luxurious linens any LUX-y would love, and bathrooms with the full pampering Monty—extra-large tubs, towel warmers, and heated floors. Jiva Hill’s breathtaking backdrop, with Mont Blanc in the distance, making the endless activities here more than a pleasure: There is golf, tennis, riding, biking, an equestrian facility (courtesy of the owner’s horse-loving spouse), nearby snow skiing (some of the best in the world), and water skiing on Jiva Hill’s man-made lake. One can simply amble about the valley too-but don’t be surprised if “The Hills are Alive” comes tripping off your tongue.

Jiva Hill Park Hotel & Spa, Route d’Harree, 01170, Crozet, France, +33 (0),

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