Karl Lagerfeld adds ‘style’ to Volkswagen

A new German commercial aired last week for Volkswagen with a familiar visage as the star. Karl Lagerfeld is the face for the German automaker's new “Style” and “Style Plus” editions for Golf and Polo models. He rocked his signature blacked-out glasses, three-piece suit and Western-style boots to represent the stylish automotive add-ons, which include lightweight alloy rims, fog lamps, privacy glass and a sunroof.

It's a funny match, considering it's hard to imagine Lagerfeld driving a car, let alone knowing a thing or two about fog lamps. Nonetheless, Volkwagen's marketing team will soon know if the fashion designer fits the bill as the image of the new packages.

Hey, who knows? Maybe now Karl Lagerfeld will become a household name for your car-loving hubby too.

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