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When it comes to jobs and interviews, sometimes the most stressful part is figuring out what to wear. Hours are spent in front of the mirror, grueling over shoes and the perfect pantsuit. Creativity is lost amidst gray, black and navy. Unintentionally reminiscent of daddy’s closet, ensembles become boring black-on-black uniforms.

At times, the game of corporate dress-up is a lost cause. However, with a lackluster color palette, how does a girl look confidently chic while exuding professionalism at the same time?

Here at LadyLux, we calm these qualms by introducing several “mix and match” career pieces. If layered right, these pieces can easily go from day to night at a moment’s notice. When it comes to dressing for success, the trick is to be creative when putting outfits together, and to let your style shine while adhering to corporate expectations. It never hurts to add a dash of style to an otherwise bland work environment!


Blazers inspire professionalism in any outfit. Due to their power to tone down the brightest prints and the most vibrant colors, one can pair them with bright silk shirts or printed dresses to take them from casually cute to professionally chic!

1. Bruce Asymmetrical Blazer by Bruce
Try a silk blazer. The subdued lilac of Elizabeth Charles’ blazer is perfect for toning down bright prints and colors, while the silk material is a beautiful contrast against the hardened twill of any corporate get-up.

2. Chardon Double-Breasted Tuxedo Jacket by Paul & Joe
Opt for a boyish take on tailoring with Paul & Joe’s form fitted tuxedo jacket. Slip it over skinny black pants and towering heels for a perfect Parisian poise, or pair it with slouched trousers and a silk camisole for a relaxed but womanly silhouette. This feminine tweak on menswear gives a chic touch to corporate closets everywhere!

Silk Shirts

Silk shirts invite femininity to a potentially dreary outfit choice. Pair bright colored silk shirts with either wool trousers or black pencil skirts and the outfit will go from incredibly boring to unexpectedly chic in two seconds flat!

1. Grape Blair Cami by Myne
Slip a vibrantly colored silk camisole over slouchy trousers to elicit a relaxed but professional look. The grape color of Myne’s silk top oozes femininity, while the buttoned detailing is a welcomed twist against any structured palette.

2. Fierro Y-Back Tank Top by Alice + Olivia
The teal color of the silk top is super flattering against anything corporate, and is therefore a welcomed contrast. Pair it with a tailor fit blazer and classy bottoms and one can’t deny its professional sexiness. For more career wear, be sure to check out Alice + Olivia career collection, which focuses solely on the corporate fashionista.


Dresses can be chic choices for the office. Regardless of the print or color, when it comes to finding dresses appropriate for the office, the key is to focus on ones with modest necklines and strategic hemlines. Whether or not they're bright or printed shouldn't be a problem. Simply throw on a professional blazer and it’s instantly work appropriate.

1. Black/Teal Cassidy Dress by Myne and Sunkissed Print Samba Dual Dress by Aaron Ashe
What’s great about these dresses is that they give off the illusion that they consist of two pieces. Marked with a combination of bright and neutral colors, they’re subdued enough to wear at the office. However, the colors still exude a fun personality. With modest necklines and thigh-skimming hemlines, they’re the perfect foundation for any work-worthy ensemble.

2. Calter Graphite Devon Smocked Coverup Dress by Corey Lynn
The boat-neck and modest cut of Corey Lynn’s dress makes this perfect for the workplace. Embodied with a unique design and made out of 100% silk, it’s corporate femininity at its finest. Pair it with sky-high booties and a long blazer for chic emphasis.


Recently, men’s trousers have been adopting a womanly silhouette. As a result, they’ve gone from super structured to relaxed, yet they are still professional enough for the office. Pair these beautifully slouched pieces with airy tops and you’ll have just as much confidence as a Gucci-suit-wearing power player

1. Matte Jersey Curator Pant by J. Crew
These incredibly flattering chic Curator pants posses a slouchy fit that tapers to a skinny fit at the ankle. As the back features slouchy pockets and an exposed back zipper, they are classy and professional. Pair it with a silk top or chiffon blouse and it’s the perfect touch needed to complete a modern career look.

2. Cropped Wool-Blend Pants by Vionnet
Freshen up your office look with Vionnet’s cropped gray wool-blend pants. For a feminine take on menswear, wear them with heels and female embellishments to take it from men-inspired to female chic!


When it comes to dressing up corporate outfits, the easiest way to do so is to pair them with fabulous heels. Whether they are caged, ankle booties, or platform pumps, heels have the power to liven up the dreariest of outfits and bless them with the utmost style.

1. Suede Ankle Boots by Miu Miu
The classic black ankle boot is updated as Miu Miu furnishes these booties with a luxe suede finish and a unique, tulip-shaped cutout. These possess so much versatility that you can sport them at work during the day and then to dinner at night. They’re the perfect touch to a trouser- centered outfit, or a leg-friendly office dress.

2. Jezabel Suede Platform Pumps by Jeffrey Campbell
Pumps are the quintessential career shoes. However, it’s all a matter of choosing the right ones to go with a certain outfit. These tan suede platforms are perfect. Equipped with a hidden platform and a covered heel, these pumps are potentially comfortable, while the detailing as well as unique, given the small detailing present at the back of the shoe. They’ll be sure to add the right amount of kick to any business attire that’s thrown at it.


When it comes to accessorizing work outfits, opt for simple jewelry because too much can be distracting. Make it a goal to wear no more than two pieces. Whether it’s a cocktail ring, delicate earrings, or a simple necklace: minimalism is key.

1. Amethyst Pendant Necklace by Roberto Cavali
Give corporate looks a glamorous finish with this Roberto Cavali amethyst pendant necklace. The seriousness of your outfit will soften up when this jewel is placed front and center. Also, the beauty of the gem will contrast well against any palette.

2. Arbre N1 by Julieri
This 14k white gold diamond-cut chain with a rose gold and black onyx pendant is extremely delicate. Therefore, it adds the right amount of class to any work outfit due to its understated beauty.

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