LUX Find: 507-Carat Diamond Unearthed in South Africa

An incredible discovery has just been identified in South Africa’s Cullinan mine. One of the largest, high-quality diamonds was just recently uncovered during a mining expedition last week.

Though this new find is no where near the weight of the largest gem ever found, it’s being considered as one of the ‘20th largest high-quality rough diamonds’ in the world.

“Initial indications are that it is of exceptional colour and clarity, which suggest extraordinary potential for its polished yield,” Petra Diamonds CEO Johan Dippenaar said to the India Times.

For some, you might know that this is not the first large find at the Cullinan mine. It’s actually the location of the largest gem ever discovered, coming in at 3,106.7-carat back in 1905. This location is about 104-years-old and was sold back in 2007 by De Beers to Petra Diamonds for about $150 million.

So LUXies, what comes to mind when you think of this ‘weighty’ discovery?

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