LUX-ifing the Recycle and Reuse Process of Your Books

LUX Nation, it seems even if you don’t like to read, you can still find innovative ways to reuse books!! Definitely Eco-LUX.

OffBeat Earth has recently showcased some artistic and out of the world ways to transform a once only paperback into many imaginative forms! We’ve taken a few samples of these creations and showcased them above. We really love the mod lighting, eccentric vase, and the amazingly detailed and theatrical nautical creation!

The best thing about this project is that it inspires you to ‘think beyond the book’ and tap into your creative genius to find ways to repurpose in style!!

Who’d of thought that you could turn books into art pieces, creative shelving AND chairs for that matter?! Intrigued, check out more of the possibilities on turning your dusty books into reusable eco-LUX designs!!


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