LUX LIT: Targeted Towards Men, but Involves Romance, Love and the Female Perspective

So LUXies, can you imagine what advice you would give to your male counterpart in order to best know how to ‘please’ you?? Well that is exactly what new author, Lenaure Batista, did with this new book “101 Ways to Please a Woman: The Smart Man's Guide.”

Batista went around the world and surveyed women ranging from 20 to 50 to find out how to best please them. The cool thing about this approach is, that it truly IS advice from women to men!! This guide isn’t about clichés or demystifying the essence of romance, it really comes down to providing men with a practical resource to help understand what makes us ‘tick.’ Yes, it’s true—we can be confusing, but now one smart individual has aimed to provide men with an all you need manual! Hmm, let’s see if this works…

“What truly shocked me was how I received so many of the same answers from all of these people,” says Batista. “For the most part, women around the world have a great deal in common as far as desires go.”

In the book, the tips are categorized in the following lighthearted manner: ‘The Basics,’ ‘Very Romantic,’ ‘HOT,HOT,HOT’ and ‘The Total Package.’ As you can see this hardcover delves in to the aspects of what makes healthy relationship, including the sexual component!!

The book emphasizes keeping true to one's authentic self and having a deeper, more sensual connection with a lover. Both men and women can enjoy “101 Ways to Please a Woman: The Smart Man's Guide.” The tips will help men keep their special woman happy and the romance sizzling, which is a win-win situation. –via press release.

It was also interesting to have the author, also a female, to find a way to capture the essentials in such an entertaining and fun perspective that men are sure to read!!! What a great gift for any man or woman wanting to learn more about people and relationships?? Simply LUX-tastic!

Even more interesting was that women from around the world and within a 30-year age gap provided similar information to conclude the No. 1 Tip: Be Honest!! Pretty simple and yet one of the foundations of any GREAT relationship is your ability to be honest with your partner as well as yourself!! However, I don’t think there are many LUXies that would disagree on that conclusion!

As you can see, this ‘guide’ leaves little room for the excuse ‘There’s just no pleasing a woman!’ If you are interested in learning more, it’s available through Author House, Barnes and Noble and Amazon for around $10.

So what do you think LUX Nation, is this a book that you want to get HOT & HEAVY with on your Kindle?? Do you find this to be a ‘must-read’ or wait for the movie version??

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