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LadyLUX just found a new web favorite – Womanity.

On March 8, Designer Thierry Mugler launched his new website (in partnership with MSN),, as online community for women to communicate and connect.

If Mugler is going for provocative, he definitely hit the mark. The front page is fascinating, with an abstract artistic approach to a newsfeed. Tidbits of information, from twitters on womanhood to articles by MSN, stagger across the screen in neon splendor. At the top, next to the title, sits a color spectrum. “Select your mood”, it says.

The idea behind the mood bar and stories splashed across the screen is to promote an online environment where women can share their undulating feelings and viewpoints. Under the tab “Womanity is”, the site invites readers to connect with other women across the globe through images, video, or words.

Other tabs “Womanity Inspires”, which is a section devoted to news on women from around the globe as well as a storytelling spot for readers. The press release included some possible topics such as an article on “The timeless qualities of Alice in Wonderland”, a portrait of Wangari Maathai, an African Nobel Prize winner and environmental activist and other small stories on “Women who travel alone…” or “Is it always a good idea to follow feminine intuition?”

I clicked on a random quote and found Mugler’s plan for the site, “This is the very idea of Womanity: this complicity, this kind of secret connivance. This is the Womanity bond: it’s what one woman learns from another. It’s the idea of passing something on.”

It’s clear that Mugler’s aim to connect women without boundaries, thus the site will be available in six languages and aims to be fully interactive with 2 million readers by the end of 2010.

Thierry Mugler is no stranger to success. Due to his hit creation of the fragrance “Angel” for the Clarins Perfume Division, Mugler’s handiwork is one of the top five perfumes in the world. In 2008, Mugler launched his own makeup line, Thierry Mugler Beauty.

The combination of Mugler’s artistic success with his online fascination, as evidenced with his designer island on Second Life, may prove to be a great launching pad for his new female-friendly brand.

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